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    Coldspring, a unique love story that is based on 3 true stories, chronicles the documented lifetimes of two men and one woman as well as two earlier lifetimes that the authors intuited to demonstrate the evolution of karma as it progresses from lifetime to lifetime. Through these 3 characters the authors demonstrate the reincarnation that takes place repeatedly within the characters' own family, friends and community.

    This karmic evolution takes place over a span of 12,000 years! Coldspring follows the karmic challenges that are laid out for the ill-fated trio on their karmic paths over and over again. These karmic paths eventually lead them through jealousy, self-absorption, betrayal and finally ... murder.

    Co-author, Cheri Mancuso, is related to one of the three characters in Coldspring. Her Great Aunt, Bernice Kenyon, is involved in the last documented murder that occurred on her desolate farm in Coldspring, NY in 1935. In the process of writing Coldspring, the authors discover their undeniable karmic connection to Bernice Kenyon, Harry Farnsworth and Freddy Lindsay.

    Coldspring is the first book of a trilogy book series. The next two books are to be entitled: The Trial and The Resolution.

    Cheri Mancuso Co-Author Cheri Mancuso is a famous Psychic Medium with many years of experience. To read more about Cheri, visit her at www.mediumcheri.com.

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    "Coldspring is a deeply profound story that chronicles an undeniable connection between three people through time and beyond. What a page-turner! Bravo!"
    Cindy Collins CEO Collins & Associates Public Relations
    "No matter what you believe in spiritually, this book will suck you in from chapter one. It is a fascinating, karmic ride through time!"
    Eva La Rue Actress
    "I loved the book! I took my time to savor every detail...The stories are woven thru a rich tapestry of time with great mastery! ... The story really builds with great detail and comes to a rapid-fire and startling end. It's officially on my list of most favorite books!"
    Dr. Debbie T.